Safety is Good Business – Stepping Stone to Generate Growth

DuPont News, May 7, 2012
At the AUO Safety Forum..
At the AUO Safety Forum. AUO’s Chairman K. Y. Lee (front row, 5th from left) and his top management team with DuPont Taiwan representatives led by President Steve Chen (front row, 4th from left).


The DuPont Taiwan Leadership Team recently shared its safety principles with AU Optronics (AUO), a global leading display and solar solutions provider, during an inter-company safety forum in an effort to promote business growth and advocate inclusive innovation.

“Behind the DuPont commitment to safety is a series of disciplined principles and beliefs,” explained Steve Chen, chair and president of DuPont Taiwan, and Scott Jen, Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) manager for Taiwan, about the DuPont safety heritage, culture development and safety implementation. After the 90-minute sharing, AUO staff members reflected enthusiastically about the aggressive “The goal is zero” tracking system and comprehensive on- and off-the-job safety measures.

AUO’s Chairman K. Y. Lee, President Paul S. L. Peng and Executive Vice President Fwu-Chyi Hsiang, along with AUO’s top management team and 220 staff members, participated in the forum.

“Thanks to DuPont for delivering a clear path of creating a better and safer work environment, in order to achieve not only cost reductions, but sustainable development,” said K. Y. Lee. “With the expansion of AUO, the key learning from this DuPont Safety Forum is to evolve from the mindset that safety is limited to factory on-the-job and off-the-job safety execution and to build our own safety culture.”

In addition to the safety forum, technical collaborations for next-generation applications and breakthroughs were discussed and initiated between DuPont and AUO business leaders on liquid crystal display (LCD) process chemicals, OLED and photovoltaic solutions.

“DuPont safety opens up business opportunities and innovative collaborations with customers,” said Walt Cheng, managing director of Electronics & Communications, Greater China, after this successful business visit.