DuPont Sponsors Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Seminar

DuPont News, May 17, 2012
Intellectual Property Law Seminar
(left to right) Chyrrea Sebree (DuPont); John Calvert (Senior Advisor, Office of Innovation at the United States Patent & Trademark Office), Angela Grayson (DuPont); Michael Walker (DuPont); and Sonia Baldia (Widener).


Widener University School of Law recently hosted an "Introduction to Intellectual Property Law” seminar that was sponsored by DuPont and geared toward entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and non-IP lawyers.

The event, held at the Widener campus in Wilmington, Del., was inspired by the recent passage of the America Invents Act.  The act recognizes that intellectual property can help drive the economy through small businesses. It also recognizes the need for pro bono assistance from IP professionals to support these innovators.  The program, co-chaired by Sonia Baldia, Associate Professor of Law at Widener, and Angela Grayson, Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property for DuPont, was designed to provide legal education on a wide range of intellectual property topics.

“DuPont was pleased to participate in this program because we believe a strong and robust patent estate is a cornerstone to innovation and job creation,” said Mike Walker, vice president, assistant general counsel and chief intellectual property counsel for DuPont.  “In 2011, DuPont had a record-breaking year with 910 new U.S. patents granted.  The patents we receive are an important tool in our efforts to deliver science that addresses global challenges such as food, energy and protection, and help us more quickly convert our almost $2 billion per year investment in research and development into innovations we can bring to market.”

In addition to closing remarks from Mike, the event featured panel discussions by attorneys from Delaware law firms, as well as intellectual property attorneys from DuPont. John Calvert, Special Advisor at the Office of Innovation at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, delivered the keynote address. Other featured speakers from DuPont included Chyrrea Sebree, corporate counsel, intellectual property; Kevin Dobson, senior counsel, intellectual property; and Angela Grayson.