Addressing Food Security Challenge

DuPont News, November 1, 2012
Addressing Food Security Challenge
Sandra Piña, Biotechnology, Regulatory and Industry Affairs manager for DuPont Pioneer Mexico, presents the Global Food Security Index.


Sandra Piña, biotechnology, regulatory and industry affairs manager for DuPont Pioneer México, presented the Global Food Security Index at the Global Agri-Food Summit, endorsing DuPont’s leadership in the industry.

This year Sandra was one of only three women of 25 speakers who presented at the summit, which brought together more than 2,500 agriculture stakeholders. During her presentation, Sandra detailed Mexico’s findings and explained how collaboration is essential to consolidate the country’s food security in coming years.

The Forum is organized by Mexico’s National Agriculture Council and is recognized as the most important event in the agriculture industry in Mexico.

The event brings together leading representatives of the food industry: producers (social and commercial), agro-industry companies, goods manufacturers, researchers, academia, consultants and students, as well as public functionaries on both state and federal levels. The exposition segment of the summit included stands from key agriculture companies in Mexico with the objective of creating alliances and promoting new products.

With Sandra’s participation in this important international agriculture summit, DuPont Pioneer reaffirms its leadership in the food industry and its compromise to collaborate and innovate to help face food challenges using science in Mexico and worldwide.