Expanding Solar Energy Use

DuPont News, November 5, 2012
Expanding Solar Energy Use
(from left) Rich Dere, Facilities/Electrical Engineer, Parlin; Diana Hayes, manager for Engineering, Facilities Planning and IS; Robin Morris, executive buyer; Logan Powell, Market Development manager; (not pictured) Leland Weaver, account manager, DuPont


DuPont recently announced it is expanding its use of solar energy with the completion of a new, 8-acre, 1.3 megawatt solar array at its Parlin, N.J., manufacturing facility. The installation is designed to generate approximately 1,684,170 kilowatt hours in its first year of operation, roughly equivalent to the electrical demand of 145 average U.S. households. This brings the total solar energy generated from the 10 existing DuPont solar installations to more than 3 megawatts, helping further the company’s aim to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels.

“DuPont has been a leading materials supplier to the photovoltaics industry for more than 30 years, and we are growing fast as a consumer of solar power,” said Dave Miller, president, DuPont Electronics & Communications.  “Solar is becoming increasingly more competitive with other sources of electricity, in part due to advanced DuPont materials that improve efficiency, lifetime and lower overall system costs.”

At 1.3 megawatts direct current, the new installation at Parlin is the largest solar array on a DuPont manufacturing site in North America. The system features more than 7,250 thin film solar modules manufactured by DuPont Apollo, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont and a leading photovoltaic company specializing in reliable, high-performance and high-quality, silicon-based, thin film photovoltaic technology

“The success of this project was a collaborative effort within and outside DuPont,” said Dave. “Representatives from the Parlin facility, Corporate Sourcing, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions and DuPont Apollo worked diligently with representatives from Tangent Energy Solutions and others to ensure the installation and Power Purchase Agreement were completed in a safe and timely manner.”

The DuPont Apollo modules at Parlin are made with DuPont materials, including DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film-based backsheet. Tedlar® provides photovoltaic modules with superior protection against the elements beyond their expected 25-year lifetime. Under normal, as well as extreme, ultraviolet and damp heat exposure, Tedlar® film-based backsheets have been proven to resist delamination, yellowing and degradation that compromise other backsheet materials. 

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