Lending a Hand in the Community

DuPont News, November 19, 2012
Volunteers from the DuPont Greater China Network.
Volunteers from the DuPont Greater China Network.


A group of employees from the DuPont Greater China Network (GCN) recently led a United Way Days of Caring activity at the Chinese American Community Center (CACC) in Hockessin, Del.

The team provided assistance for a much needed cleanup of the center’s large storage garage. They removed items that were no longer needed and reorganized the rest into separate storage rooms. After the cleanup was completed, items were well organized and stored safely, with additional storage space for the center to use.

“This is our first experience working with DuPont volunteers,” said Chin Howe, chair of CACC. “The collaboration was fun and helped build good working relationships and friendships.”

The DuPont GCN group includes Jun Liu, Hansan Liu, Gang Zheng and Yuefei Tao from MS&E, Ed Yin from CS&E, Lisa Huang from BCS&E, Man Wu from Legal, Linda Peng from N&H, Xun Sun from Capital Management and Hongxian He from I&CT. They were joined by Ta-Chen Mo and Tom Lee, who are CACC Board Members and DuPont colleagues from DPP and DCF.

The center is home to multiple organizations, including the CACC Montessori School, Saturday and Sunday Chinese Schools, and CACC cultural activity clubs.