Offering Solutions to Farmers

DuPont News, November 5, 2012
Offering Solutions to Farmers
Farmers participate in the DuPont Clinic session.


DuPont Crop Protection (DCP) Indonesia recently organized a clinic program for farmers in Central Java. The program was designed to support Indonesian farmers with technical consultations, as part of an initiative to offer agricultural solutions on food production challenges, particularly in crop protection.

Under this program, the DCP team provides a display featuring plant types, products available to protect them, and a list of pests and diseases. Farmers could immediately see a wide range of examples of pests and diseases, diagnostics performed and trials in place. 

"We expect to educate farmers through this program,” said Gunarso, district market development manager - DCP East Indonesia. “We hope they can quickly grasp knowledge on good agricultural practices and how to identify a solution for each case and disease."