Recognized as a Safety Leader

DuPont News, November 1, 2012
Recognized as a Safety Leader
Simon Herriott, managing director, DSS global consulting practice; Bob Krzywicki, Employee Safety practice leader; Susan Sotiropoulos, USC regional leader; Rosanne Danner, managing director, Global Productivity


Scott May, safety coordinator at DuPont Pioneer’s Leroy, Ill., facility, recently received the U.S. National Safety Council (NSC) Rising Stars of Safety Award at a celebration in Orlando, Fla.

The NSC Rising Stars of Safety program, presented by DuPont Sustainable Solutions, recognizes leaders of tomorrow for their commitment to safety, influence on safety culture, promotion of continuous workplace safety improvement, and creation of safety initiatives producing measureable outcomes.

“The three traits benefitting Scott throughout his career are his ability to listen, provide feedback, and learn,” Scott’s nominator said. “Scott makes a commitment to be a part of everything going on in the plant. While being involved with our staff, he listens to their concerns, what tools they need to be successful, and assists them with developing solutions to complete the job safely.” 

This year, 40 award recipients were selected from more than 160 nominees. Among the nominees were four DuPont employees: James Cassidy, Alejandro Galvez, Kara Brenneman and Jessica Olson.

The celebration was held in conjunction with NSC’s 2012 Congress & Expo Celebration of the Century. DuPont has been a member and key sponsor of the NSC since its inception 100 years ago, and DuPont Executive Vice President Mark Vergnano is on the Board of Directors.