Accelerating Growth Through Technology and Collaboration

DuPont News, October 15, 2012
Ribbon-cutting ceremony
Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Tech Forum 2012 held at the DuPont Japan Technology Center. (From left) Douglas Muzyka, Carl Lukach, Minoru Amoh, Ryuichi Hayashi and Harold Sydner.


DuPont Japan Tech Forum 2012 was recently held at the newly restored and renovated DuPont Japan Technology Center to promote collaboration and explore ways of accelerating advanced application developments in Japan. The center is located at the Utsunomiya site, which was struck and damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Doug Muzyka, DuPont senior vice president and chief science and technology officer, and Harold Snyder, DuPont regional technology director for Asia Pacific, were invited, along with the management team from joint ventures in Japan.

In his presentation, Doug thanked all employees at the site for their efforts in the site restoration and highlighted Asia’s expanding role in the company’s sustainable growth.

“Japan has been a strategically important market for the company," said Doug. “Our strong technical capabilities and market-driven science continues to support this direction, taking full advantage of the many opportunities in Japan.”

Innovation is at the core of DuPont’s commitment to market-driven science. During the event, the technology team showcased existing development initiatives in the areas of automotive, electronics and alternative energy, some of which have been achieved through collaboration with partners and government. In addition, a prototype electronic vehicle called SIM-WIL was introduced as an example of development efforts. More than 100 people enjoyed a test drive of the vehicle to experience the superior initial acceleration velocity enabled by an in-wheel motor technology.

The forum brought together approximately 140 participants and provided an excellent opportunity for research scientists, engineers and partners to share and generate new ideas to accelerate business growth in Japan.