Celebrating 45 Years

DuPont News, October 16, 2012
Celebrating 45 Years
Employees at the Pencader site celebrating their 45th Anniversary.


Employees and leaders of the DuPont Pencader site and the Vespel® business devoted their Oct. 5 lunch hour to celebrating the plant’s 45th anniversary. About 150 engineers, operators, managers and marketing employees gathered in a white tent behind the Wilmington-area plant for a reason even greater than the fact that the site was nearly half a century old.

“Each and every one of you contributed to the remarkable achievement we are recognizing today – 45 years without an event-related lost work day case,” said Vice President of Operations Willie Martin. “For 45 years, people have come here every day to make Vespel®.  Every day, every last one of them returned home safely and came back to work the next day. And that’s because of our common commitment to preventing all incidents and injuries.” 

Joining Willie were Plant Manager Judy DelTosto, Vespel® Business Director Colleen Pritchett and Operations Business Leader Lori Louthan.

The Pencader plant produces DuPont™ Vespel® direct-formed parts and shapes that address the company’s energy megatrend. The plant’s products make engines lighter and more efficient in the automotive and aerospace industries. Major customers include General Motors, Ford, Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney and Caterpillar.

“Our 45-year safety record is impressive, but we’re just as intent on making new records,” said Judy. “We chose October 5th for this event because we’re also celebrating exactly one year without an event-related OSHA recordable!”

The DuPont Pencader plant began operations in October, 1967.