Collaboration at Work and in the Workplace

DuPont News, October 26, 2012
DuPont’s booth at the conference.
DuPont’s booth at the conference.


Heike Van De Kerkh, business leader for the DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers business in EMEA, recently highlighted the company’s focus on diversity and inclusion as part of a panel discussion on “Creating an Inclusive Organization” at the Women International Networking (WIN) Conference in Rome, Italy.

“Diversity and inclusion are core to DuPont and a central pillar of one of our core values, namely Respect for People,” she said. “The benefits we accrue from this are a rich and creative talent pool and sustainable business growth.

“Within five years, DuPont aims to excel as a global leader by engaging, empowering, and advancing diverse talent everywhere we operate. We are raising the bar higher by aligning our regional successes into a global ‘Corporate Journey’ for improving gender diversity in DuPont. Our vision is to accelerate our business growth by creating a vibrant and inclusive environment that values and develops an engaged, committed, diverse workforce rooted in our Respect for People core value.”

To reach this goal, DuPont’s diversity and inclusion strategy is equally owned by the corporate functions and by the businesses. All EMEA business and function leaders have gender diversity plans as part of their annual objectives–an approach co-led by Human Resources and business leaders. Additionally, numerous DuPont leaders from diverse businesses, functions and regions in EMEA are represented at this conference and are mandated to integrate their learnings into their respective businesses and functions.

“Diversity and inclusion in our workplace is essential to help meet these challenges, but it is not enough,” said Heike. “We are proud sponsors of this conference in part because a global diverse and inclusive workforce that inspires our world’s next innovations, and real sustainable economic development, will come from collaborations that defy traditional boundaries. Ultimately, the success of these collaborations relies on all organizations encouraging diversity and inclusion and with it, growing and cultivating a talented, innovative and collaborative future workforce.”