Reading for a Cause

DuPont News, October 26, 2012
The DuPont team.
The DuPont team.


As part of a recent United Way Days of Caring activity, members of DuPont’s Executive Offices and Corporate Plans Team – Mark Vergnano, Tom Connelly, John Minnebo, Lori Captain, Susan Stalnecker, Stacey Balderson, Mark Blythe, Stacy Dedinas, John Donovan and Connie Davis – spent the day with 3-5-year old children from the New Castle County Head Start program at the Lambson Lane facility in Delaware.

"We had fun with the kids and with each other,” said Susan Stalnecker, vice president – global fixed cost infrastructure. “It reminded me how great it is to work with colleagues who care about people and who care about each other."

After arriving at the center and receiving a brief orientation, two or three employees were assigned to a classroom where they read either one-on-one or to a group of no more than three children.

"Having a chance to interact and read with the children at the Lambson Lane New Castle County Head Start program was a rewarding experience, and a lot of fun!" said Stacy Dedinas, director, corporate plans.

"Volunteering to read to underprivileged children really provides perspective on what is really important these days,” said Stacey Balderson, program manager - corporate productivity. “The children just lit up when we came into the classroom and they were eager to listen and learn. It is really amazing how far a little attention and praise can go to keep a child engaged. I went hoping to brighten their day and I am the one who left with a smile on my face and the desire to go again."

The Lambson Lane/Rose Hill Community Center was founded in 1980 and its mission is "Building strong individuals, families and communities." The center offers numerous programs, including the Head Start program for more than 100 children.