From Plant to Plate

DuPont News, September 17, 2012
From Plant to Plate
Plenish™ high oleic soybean oil has the highest amount of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat

A new series on Connect Delaware features Susan Knowlton, senior research manager for DuPont Pioneer, discussing the new Zero trans fat soybean oil – Plenish™.   

Soybean oil is among the world's most widely used edible oils, accounting for nearly 70% of all cooking oil consumed in the United States. DuPont Pioneer develops and supplies advanced plant genetics and agronomic support to farmers worldwide, and has developed a new commercial cooking oil with 0g trans fat and 20% less saturated fat than existing commodity soybean oils.

Plenish™ was developed at DuPont's Experimental Station in Wilmington, Del., and is now the go-to oil ingredient in the kitchen at the Hotel du Pont for Executive Chef Keith Miller.

The video takes you on a tour of the soybean facilities at the Experimental Station where they have been working for over a decade on developing Plenish™.  You see the scientists at work, the growth chambers, and get a firsthand look at the process for growing high oleic soybeans. Then you get to peak behind the scenes in a four-star kitchen to see how chefs are making use of this oil right now.   

Click here to see the video.