Flame resistant clothing made with Nomex® help protect industrial workers from f

Fire Protection


DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers are used to help provide strength, flexibility, and lightweight protection in everything from yarns and woven ballistic fabrics to ropes and apparel.

In firefighting, two fibers are better than one. Together, Kevlar® fiber and Nomex® fiber help offer inherent fire resistance, strength, durability, and more.

DuPont™ Nomex® fibers are heat- and flame-resistant, and are used in protective fabrics, garments, insulation, and other high-performance applications to help provide protection to millions of people and processes worldwide.

For hazards like flash fire, pool fire, and molten metal splash, DuPont created Nomex® III A — a blend of 93% Nomex® with 5% Kevlar® and 2% antistatic fiber that expands to form a stable and inert barrier between fire and skin.

To give our warfighters the confidence it takes to focus on the fight, DuPont helps keep them safe from flash fires with Nomex® brand fiber.

Racing suits made of Nomex® fiber are inherently flame-resistant, helps providing racing professionals the valuable seconds needed to escape fires.

Firefighter apparel made with Nomex® and Kevlar® fiber helps provide reliable protection against the hazards firefighters face on the job.