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Safety Resources


The Kazakhstan Mining Company Infographic is a case study about DuPont helping its client benchmark performance in all safety areas against international standards.

DuPont’s six-step contractor safety management system has helped Tata Steel manage more than 15,000 contractors at the company’s Jamshedpur site.

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions brochure on using real-world expertise in consulting services and technology licensing to help transform businesses

Download the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) market study and research paper to learn more about safety monitoring and workplace safety incidents in Europe.

Download the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) article on safety to learn about how a psychologist explains the benefits of safety management beyond behavior-based safety.

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Business Process Consultant

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) brochure for information on the dynamics of successful owner/contractor engagements.

The DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA) for Safety delivers stronger safety management capability, as a fully integrated component of your business strategy and operations.

The Galp Energia Infographic is a case study about process safety. It reinforces that practices are essential to achieving internal sustainability.

The DSS Process Safety Infographic details how an effective PSM program can enhance business performance through empowering employees, achieving operational discipline, and create a positive environment of involvement and collaboration. Learn the elements of an effective PSM program and its positive impacts.

Bob Krzywicki is Global Practice Leader for Employee Safety Consulting. As a recognized expert, he brings over 30 years of experience in the field to the core consulting practice of Safety Resources at DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Feature on hydrogen safety in the sulfuric acid industry in Sulfuric Acid Today by James W. Dougherty, Process Engineer, Mosaic Fertilizer LLC.

Learn how DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) can help improve process safety management systems through customized solutions to unique business challenges.

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Global Process Safety Management Leader

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) article on the simple and effective eight step approach that can help companies with Operational Discipline implementation.

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Global Process Safety Management Leader

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) article to learn how to increase the effectiveness of Process Safety Management (PSM) implementation in the workplace.

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) brochure to learn more about how DSS can help improve your business through Process Safety & Operational Risk Management Workshops.

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) article on world-class sustainable safety performance and Relative Culture Strength.

Read a DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) paper that describes the four stages of culture strength: reactive, dependent, independent, and interdependent.

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) article on the implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) in workplaces with diverse corporate cultures.

As Practice Leader, Training Solutions, Sam helps clients achieve sustained improvements in operational, safety and learning and development performance.

Simon Herriott is Global Managing Director of the DuPont Sustainable Solutions global consulting practice. His team of experts helps make organizations safer, more efficient, and more environmentally sustainable.

The rapidly evolving global situation introduces new topics in a company’s agenda. In building the business case for sustainability, DuPont helps our clients identify and quantify its tangible and intangible value that would speak to all stakeholders.

The DuPont journey on sustainable growth path went from safety to sustainability, based on our research on environmental footprint reproduction and the sustainable supply chain.

Read about the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) consulting philosophy and learn more about transformational business solutions informed by years of practical experience.

The DuPont Bradley Curve Infographic provides an overview of the proven, proprietary system that has helped enable safety success for DuPont and clients around the world since 1995.

The World Class Safety Survey Results Infographic provides presents data of a survey that DuPont Sustainable Solutions and Disney collaborated on about what “World Class” safety looks like.

Laurie Pankow is Global Strategy Leader of Training Solutions for DuPont Sustainable Solutions. Her team designs and implements learning solutions that enable organizations to transform employee and business performance.