Sustainable Operations


Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions brochure on using real-world expertise in consulting services and technology licensing to help transform businesses

Christopher Smith is Global Practice Leader of Energy Efficiency Consulting for DSS, a global leader in operations management consulting which advises Fortune 500 executive teams worldwide.

Learn about DuPont’s progress towards its 2015 Market-Facing Sustainability goals which capture safety, environment, energy and climate challenges facing global markets. Read about how DuPont Is responding with new products and services to help meet customer needs and expectations for more sustainable offerings.

The DuPont Sustainable Solutions Infographic provides practical approaches to enable the success of capital projects. Learn about the DuPont methodology which highlights seven critical success factors; enabling success through building clarity, capability and trust; ownership and gatekeeping and a readiness to operate approach.

The DuPont Energy Efficiency Infographic details the key components and benefits of a strategic energy management system.

The DuPont Titanium Technologies Infographic is a case study about organizational integration at the corporate level, where DuPont Sustainable Solutions helped DTT reduce energy usage while increasing T2O2 production.

Davide Vassallo, the DuPont Global Practice Leader of Environmental Management Consulting, works with large industrial companies to reduce their operational risks and environmental footprints while improving productivity.

Read the Pew Center case study to learn more about DuPont corporate strategies and what the company is doing to help address climate change challenges.

DuPont can help your organization meet the challenges of a changing world to achieve business success that goes beyond the traditional financial bottom line

An expert in environmental management, capital effectiveness, and energy efficiency strategies, Juan helps organizations improve return on operations while reducing their environmental footprint.

Learn how the implementation of a comprehensive local content strategy can extract significant value through more cost-effective sourcing and staffing, improved operational proficiency, higher productivity and increased capacity utilization. The local community is also able to benefit from sustainable economic development, long-term employment creation, higher living standards, improved training, better infrastructure and an improved business climate.

This article, as published in Energy & Mining International, explores the benefits of local development – engagement with external stakeholders and the local community, the creation of a sustainable growth model, investment in sustainable technologies and building local capacity for environmental management - in the Latin American mining industry.

Garrett Forsythe is in the Sustainable Operations practice at DuPont, and helps clients lower costs and increase yields while reducing the environmental footprints of their organizations.

Srinivasan Ramabhadran is the DuPont Sustainable Solutions Global Leader for Process Safety and Risk Management Consulting. He helps clients develop integrated safety, health, and environmental management solutions.

Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) overview brochure on maximizing business sustainability and protecting assets through Sustainable Operations.

The DuPont journey on sustainable growth path went from safety to sustainability, based on our research on environmental footprint reproduction and the sustainable supply chain.

Read about the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) consulting philosophy and learn more about transformational business solutions informed by years of practical experience.

This article, as published in Oil & Gas Monitor, explores the importance of implementing an integrated asset management system to help oil and gas companies increase their operational efficiency and realize significant reductions in fixed cost.

Laurie Pankow is Global Strategy Leader of Training Solutions for DuPont Sustainable Solutions. Her team designs and implements learning solutions that enable organizations to transform employee and business performance.