Process Technology Licensing


See how BELCO® particulate, SOx and NOx reduction systems from DuPont have helped oil refiners and shippers meet emissions controls for over 40 years

We combine our technical expertise and owner/operator experience with our world-class safety culture to deliver a high-impact training program for your operators and engineers. By leveraging the power of DuPont’s high-fidelity dynamic process simulators students learn valuable troubleshooting and response skills in a realistic environment that models “cause and effect” relationships across the entire.

See how IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology yields ultra-low-sulfur fuel for refineries at lower costs, with a novel liquid-full reaction system.

Explore our award-winning employee training and development solutions in workplace safety, ethics and compliance, industrial skills, and other topics.

See how world-leading MECS® sulfuric acid plant and clean technologies benefit the fertilizer, metallurgical, refining, chemical and other industries.

See how world-leading STRATCO® sulfuric acid alkylation solutions yield cleaner-burning gas with high octane, low RVP, low sulfur, and zero olefins.

See how DuPont capital project management experts can reduce capital budgets and projects by 10–15% while mitigating risk and improving operations.